JAID’s novel mirror mount – Perfect for both lab use and integration into OEM assemblies!

Now in 1″ (25mm) and 2″ (50mm) sizes!


  • Pivot point centered on optical surface
  • Main body is only 40mm x 40mm
  • Low stress optic mounting system
  • Positive locking mechanism
  • Threaded mounting locations on 4 of 6 sides
  • Extremely stable when exposed to temperature changes – See Below

The Locking System employed by the JAID Mirror Mount

Design details of the JAID Mirror Mount

 JAID Mirror Mount 


The JAID Mirror Mount has been designed to be as convenient to use as traditional “kinematic” mirror mounts but with all of the features necessary to be successful for inclusion in OEM assemblies.  With inherent temperature stability, a robust locking mechanism, flexible mounting options, and pointing without beam shift; the JAID Mirror Mount is a uniquely capable mount.

Performance of the JAID Mirror Mount when exposed to a 20 °C temperature change

*The ultimate shift in the angle of the mirror surface after the first temperature cycle (occurring after adjustment and locking) was 2 μrad after 6 hours at room temperature and ultimately 1.2 μrad after 12 additional hours.  The results of the second exposure to a temperature cycle are shown above.  The shift in angle after the second temperature cycle was 0.42 μrad after 6 hours at room temperature and 0.12 μrad after an additional 12 hours.

1″ and 2″ sizes are now available!  

JAID Mirror Mounts

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