precision opto-mechanics 
for demanding applications 

JAID Mirror Mounts

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JAID offers both custom and off-the-shelf opto-mechanical solutions. 

JAID’s flagship product is the optical mount detailed on the Mirror Mount product page.  This product is representative of the elements necessary for a successful opto-mechanical design.  The mount was designed from a blank sheet of paper to fulfill both a specific set of requirements and a broad range of applications.  The result is a mount with the highest known temperature stability on the market, rotation about nominal point of reflection, 4 available mounting surfaces, low deformation mirror retention and a locking mechanism that doesn’t rely on the actuators for long term stability. 

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JAID can complement your existing Engineering resources to add bandwidth and expertise or JAID can provide complete design services for a fixed scope of work.  JAID has contributed opto-mechanical expertise for systems used in the defense and security, semiconductor, and life science sectors.  JAID’s founder and president, Frank DeWitt, is a named inventor on seven patents, two of which were rewarded for work done by JAID.

For general inquiries within North America please contact Frank DeWitt at:

JAID Technologies, Inc. is located in the Greater Rochester NY area